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The Eye Collective – Our Story

In 2018, we rebranded our stores to become The Eye Collective. So how did we get here?

My introduction to the world of optics (and my initial training) came from my first job at a local high street chain. With no former experience, I proceeded to learn all about dispensing spectacles and contact lenses. I learned more about the eye then they ever covered in my biology A-Level. It was also there where i developed an understanding of what constitutes as great customer service. I later moved into the independent sector, working for a small group in London. It wasn’t long before i felt an itch to implement some of my own ideas and do things my way.

In 2009 after pitching (and begging) multiple banks and investors, I managed to buy my first practice in Stourbridge (Docker and Wilson). With hardly any business experience, but simply a drive and passion for optics, it thankfully didn’t go too badly. I carried on to acquire an additional six practices. Williams (Selly Oak and Rubery) in 2012, Looks (Harborne) in 2014, The Contact Lens Practice in 2016, Eyewise (Northfield) in 2018 and now Old Hill in 2019. It has been quite the ride!

Whilst the focus had been on acquiring established businesses that make a real difference in the community, we came to realise that if we were to really make a substantial impact in the West Midlands, we needed to take our little group to the next level. The Eye Collective was born out of this vision. Not just a change in our name and logo, The Eye Collective represents excellence in every aspect of eye care and eye wear, a new bar set for practices that were already great.

We are constantly working to live up to this vision, evaluating ourselves and challenging ourselves to go further. We aim to provide the best service for every patient, to facilitate professional services that aren’t easily found at other opticians and to go the extra mile to those that choose to visit us.

Come and see for yourself. Visit our practices and let me know what you think. hasanain@eyecollective.co.uk

I’d love to hear from you.