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The Eye Collective – The Home of Our Birmingham Contact Lenses Specialists, Eye Examination Experts and More!

Whether you’re looking for eyewear; from bespoke lenses to designer glasses, or eye care services; from eye examinations, to contact lenses, you’ll find it all with The Eye Collective – your newly rebranded local eye experts, located in Birmingham city centre, Northfield, Old Hill, Stourbridge, Harborne, Selly Oak and Rubery!

Each of our stores were already an established and trusted presence in their local communities when we acquired them. They have always provided dependable, professional eye care services, along with the latest eyewear. Now, with our recent rebranding to unite all of our stores, we have gone that extra mile so that you can get the same excellence in eye care and considerate customer service wherever you choose to visit us, from Selly Oak to Stourbridge.

What is the Collective in The Eye Collective all about?

Our team of eye care experts across each of our seven stores have between them the collective knowledge to take care of all your eye care needs.

If you’re looking for anything contact lens related, you can turn to our Birmingham contact lenses specialist at our Birmingham city centre store, The Contact Lens Practice. For diabetic screenings, our Northfield store is the place to go.

If it’s bespoke lenses you’re after, our Stourbridge store is on hand to help. Need an eye test (or even hearing care!) but can’t make it out of the house? Not to worry, our Selly Oak store offers home visits!

Our Rubery store is by far the best around when it comes to children’s eyewear, while our Harborne store offers adults both budget and designer glasses.

Our collective skills, our collective experience and our collective enthusiasm for eye care mean we really have got every angle covered here at The Eye Collective.

How did we get here?

It’s been an exciting journey that officially started 10 years ago when we acquired our first store in Stourbridge. Then came Selly Oak and Rubery in 2012, Harborne in 2014, our Birmingham city centre store in 2016, followed by Northfield in 2018 and Old Hill, just this year. Every new addition has brought a new level of skills and new and highly experienced staff into the fold. It was about time that we all came together under one banner with a new vision for excellence in eye care. Thus, The Eye Collective was born.

It’s your choice

Come and visit any one of our stores and you can be certain that you’ll get a comprehensive eye examination, advanced assessments, a varied and wide selection of eyewear and contact lenses and what we consider to be truly personalised customer care and thoroughly professional service.

We haven’t just rebranded, we have revitalised our passion for delivering the very best in eye care. We’ve set a new bar for each of our already excellent seven stores and continue to strive to exceed your expectations.

We’re excited to show you how we can help you with your eye care needs. So pick a store, any store in The Eye Collective, it’s your choice. Wherever you go, The Eye Collective standards of excellence will remain the same.