Bespoke Lenses

Bespoke Personalised Lenses

Just like you, your eyes are unique and they deserve to be treated as such. From car number plates to having our names printed across our drink bottles, we are personalising more aspects of our lives than ever before. So why not our spectacle lenses? We’ve teamed up with one of the world’s best lenses manufacturers, ‘Essilor’ to offer a personalised lens known as Bespoke.

We are proud to offer our customers bespoke lenses at a number of our Eye Collective branches. Our unique equipment measures the anatomy of your eye and your eye rotation distance to create lenses that are made entirely for you. Digitally produced measurements of your facial structure are captured to ensure the perfect fit for your new glasses. It has 5 times greater visual precision than a lens without personalisation.

Instant vision without effort

With our bespoke lenses, you won’t need to adjust your posture, even when looking through the lens periphery. These lenses are as comfortable as a custom-made sports shoe. Low contrast images will be clearer, even when reading in dimly lit conditions. Distortion or ‘swimming’ images will become a thing of the past, even during the most dynamic activities. With Bespoke lenses, your vision becomes immediately comfortable, highly contrasted, and dynamic.

What are the benefits of personalised spectacle lenses?

  • We will perform 3D measurements tailored to the anatomy of your eye
  • Perfectly suited to your needs, regardless of age, prescription, and frame
  • Your initials can be engraved onto the lenses
  • Takes into consideration your postural and visual behaviour (only available with Varilux Xclusive 4D)